Grades PreK-5 Performance Tasks


The grades PreK-5 performance tasks come from several sources.

Some tasks cover multiple content areas. All tasks include Science as Inquiry and Math Problem Solving components. The specific inquiry skills are displayed in the assessment chart for the task.
Major Content Area

Click on a task you want to browse, or select one or more tasks and click on "Show Chart For Selected Tasks" to view a chart of the selected tasks and the NSES standards they intend to meet.


Balls and Ramp (NYSED) Demonstrate transfer of energy by measuring the distances different balls move a cup.

Classification (ILS) Use a binary classification system to divide objects, then justify their scheme.

Classifying Candy I (NYSED) Develop two binary classification systems using a selection of candies.

Classifying Candy II (NYSED) Develop a binary classification system using concrete objects.

Classifying Candy III (NYSED) Use properties of candies to develop a classification tree.

Classifying Rocks (KDE) Develop classification schemes based on observable properties in rocks.

Containers (TIMSS) Investigate the effect of container materials on heat transfer.

Floating Pencil (NAEP) Compare the buoyancy of a pencil in freshwater vs. salt water.

Keep Cool (CCSSO) Determine which type of container would be best to use to keep drinks cool on a hot day.

Identifying Creatures (NYSED) Identify three creatures using a classification key.

Measurement: Length, Volume, and Temperature (ILS) Perform routine laboratory procedures and report results.

Measurement: Using the Balance (ILS) Perform laboratory procedures and report results.

Plastic Wrapped (KDE) Compare the quality and price of different kinds of plastic kitchen wrap.

Pulse (TIMSS) Observe changes in pulse rates when presented with stressors.

Swings (CCSSO) Investigate variables which may seem to affect the movement of a pendulum, or "swing."

Swingers (KDE) Students will experiment with a pendulum to find out why it might swing at different speeds at different times.

Temperature School (KDE) Relate cooling and warming to surrounding temperature and environments.

Tree Study (NS) Measure a set of leaves with a ruler and analyze data.



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