Grades 9-12 Performance Tasks


The grades 9-12 performance tasks come from several sources.

Some tasks cover multiple content areas. All tasks include Science as Inquiry and Math Problelm-Solving components. The specific inquiry skills are displayed in the assessment chart for the task.
Major Content Area

Click on a task you want to browse, or select one or more tasks and click on "Show Chart For Selected Tasks" to view a chart of the selected tasks and the NSES standards they intend to meet.


Fishkill (NYSED) Explain the impact a change in temperature could have on the fish.

How Effective is Perspiration at Cooling (NYSED) Collect data on the cooling of water in two different test tubes.

Hooke's Law (NYSED) Design and carry out an experiment testing Hooke's Law that describes the relationship between the force applied to a spring and its elongation (stretch).

Human Inheritance (NYSED) Use knowledge and understanding of classic Mendelian genetics.

Hydrated Salt (NYSED) Plan, design, and carry out an experiment to determine an empirical formula for a hydrated salt X that will tell students when all the water has been removed from hydrate crystals.

Snell's Law (NYSED) This task will determine whether the index of refraction of a sample of Corn Syrup meets Federal standards.



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